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Project inquiries are typically broken down into 3 services. 

Design and Prototyping involves the front end leg work of a project to get a 3D model created, materials calculated, parts nested, or a design conceptualized.

CNC Manufacturing is any machine cut time needed for a project, billed by the minute.  Larger jobs may be eligible for discounted cut rates.

Post-processing/Fabrication covers any 'finish labor' after parts come off the CNC. This includes any parts deburring, sanding, trimming, or coatings as well as assembly or fabrication labor required to finish a project.


CNC Manufacturing

$2.50 per minute


Post-Processing &

$40 per hour

Design & Prototyping

$40 per hour

Ask me about

Shelving & storage  // Custom Cabinetry  // Bed Frames  // Cutting & Charcuterie Boards  // Signage  // Speaker Enclosures  // Custom Brackets & Trim Panels  // Tables  // 3D Wood Carvings // And Much More

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